Discrimination Law Handbook (Second edition)

  Discrimination Law Handbook (Second edition)
  Edited by Aileen McColgan,
  ISBN 9781903307390,


Discrimination law is close to becoming an incomprehensible morass of legislation for anyone other than specialist lawyers. This is worrying, but is also why this handbook is so valuable, writes Ed Mitchell.

It addresses all strands of discrimination law and does so expertly. Focusing on providing solutions, it doesn’t duck the complex issues and clearly separates opinion from legal fact.

It has obviously been written with a view to facilitating the achievement of the objectives of discrimination law, which is heartening because too many law books seem to be about authorial self-promotion.

Six authors have contributed to the handbook. Without thoughtful editing, multi-authoring can result in a disjointed work but this one is seamless. The same highly structured, careful style of exposition prevails throughout. This is some feat given that the handbook weighs in at over 800 pages.

Ed Mitchell is a solicitor, editor of Social Care Law Today and Community Care’s legal expert

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