Campaign Aims

Campaign Aims
Community Care’s A Life Like Any Other campaign is calling for people with learning disabilities to be given the same chances in life as everyone else. The chance to:

1) Have their own place

2) Get a job

3) Play a full part in the community

We aim to:

  • Raise employers’ awareness of the employment potential of people with learning disabilities
  • Encourage those local authorities who are lagging behind to speed up their efforts to roll out direct payments
  • Press for learning disability partnership boards to be given teeth including a more strategic role with increased powers (including commissioning) and a proper budget
  • Urge primary care trusts to move faster in getting people off NHS campuses and into supported living
  • Urge that supported living is rolled out to more people and is adequately resourced
  • Lobby for more support for parents/carers with learning disabilities
  • Facilitate and promote a Wanless-style review to set out what services are needed by people with learning disabilities and how much it will cost to properly fund them

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