Hearing loss “timebomb” if no action is taken, RNID warns

Charity RNID is predicting a hearing loss timebomb after carrying out research that shows 90 per cent of young people experience the signs of hearing damage after a night out but do nothing about it.

The research published today shows 70 per cent of clubbers, 68 per cent of gig-goers and 44 per cent of people who go to bars experience symptoms such as ringing in the ears.

The RNID is calling on the government to establish a recommended noise exposure level for audiences attending music venues and events and educate young people about noise as a public health risk.

Chief executive of RNID John Low said: “We’re all familiar with messages about practising safe sex and using suncream – but the lack of guidance on loud music means this generation of music lovers could be facing a hearing loss timebomb.”

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