Ethical practice in social work – the GSCC and the conduct process

As social workers, there are several issues you need to be aware of in order to ensure you adhere to the code of conduct and ensure ethical practice in social work.
The General Social Care Council works to raise standards in social care, maintain a high level of protection to service users and ensure ethical practice in social work.  Taking action when a registered social care worker breaches the codes of practice will mean better services for those using social care, and a better reputation for the sector.

Social workers have to be registered with the General Social Care Council and must adhere to codes of practice in order to ensure ethical practice in social work. Any social workers who breach the codes of practice could be removed from the social care register.

Have you ever been involved in a conduct process or had a close call?

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Here are examples of where social workers have experienced the conduct process and been questioned about the social work code of ethics.


Social worker struck off for catalogue of fraud

Social worker warned over tax fraud


Social worker banned after child pornography conviction


Social worker admonished for restraining child

Declaring convictions

Social worker cautioned by the General Social Care Council over failure to declare previous criminal convictions

GSCC issues five-year warning to social worker for misconduct

Absence procedures

Wiltshire worker guilty of misconduct


Social worker ‘smelled of alcohol at work,’ conduct committee hears


Social worker accused of misconduct over ‘top totty’ mobile phone text

Social worker Eric Charlesworth reprimanded by General Social Care Council committee

Social worker removed from register for offensive emails

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