Inquiry to check NHS has tackled health inequalities

An independent inquiry to test whether the NHS has taken on recommendations to improve its treatment of people with learning disabilities or mental health problems was announced yesterday.

The one day inquiry, which is being run by the Disability Rights Commission and will take place next week, will follow up recommendations made by the DRC in its 18 month investigation into the health service published last September.

The investigation found people with learning disabilities or mental health problems were more likely to have serious health problems, get them younger and die sooner than other people.

The commission warned that it would take legal action against the government and health authorities if they did not build the investigation’s findings into their plans over the next year to implement the disability equality duty which came into force in December.

The inquiry panel is set to question the Department of Health, the Welsh Assembly, the British Medical Association and the Royal College of GPs and Psychiatrists  on what measures and progress has been made.

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