Quickfire Q&A with Sharon Collins

with Sharon Collins, Executive Director of Scope’s Operational Services

What’s been your best job?
Lifeguard one summer when I was young, fit and carefree.

If you were stuck on a desert island, and you could take one person and one object, who and what would they be?
The biggest jigsaw in the world and I would not want anyone else on the island in case they put a piece in.

Who inspires you and why?
Buzz Lightyear and his belief in “To infinity and beyond”.

Where is your favourite place?
Winterton Beach in Norfolk.

Which celebrity would you want to play you in a film?
Victoria Wood.    

What was the last CD you bought?
A Tracey Chapman Collection.

What are you reading?
Never ending work emails – I do not read for pleasure (I have dyslexia).

What’s your favourite film?

‘Big Brother’ – Treat or Trash?
Trash (Totally uninformed opinion as I have never seen it).

Pets – yes or no?
Yes a Maine Coon Cat called Piaget.

If you were on Death Row, what would be your final meal?
A Chinese all you can eat buffet so it could take a while!

How would you want to be remembered?
As someone with a good sense of humour. And as someone who helped design and deliver services that empower disabled people with independence and, ultimately, equality.

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