Second Welsh social worker struck off by Care Council for Wales

A former Swansea Council social worker became the second Welsh practitioner to be struck off for misconduct by the Care Council for Wales this week.

Dermot Evan Jones admitted most of 19 charges against him although he did not attend the Care Council for Wales conduct committee hearing. Allegations included:

  • Allowing contact between a child and their father in breach of a child protection agreement
  • Lying under oath
  • Wrongly allowing unsupervised access to two children
  • Placing another service user in an inapproriate setting
  • Making sexist remarks about a colleague and using racist language in text messages on a departmental mobile

Jones, who resigned from his senior socdial work post last year, is now unable to work as a social worker or call himself a social worker in the UK, although he has the right to appeal to the Care Standards Tribunal.

In March, Robin Nigel Grant became the first social worker to be struck off the Care Council for Wales register for “very serious misconduct, the majority of which was of a sexual nature”.

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