Aggression at work and how to handle it

All in a day’s work – Caring for people at home

Care Trusts: Partnership Working in Action

Caring for carers

Cash and Care

Changing Where We Live: A Guide To Working With Communities To Create Green And Sustainable Communities

cjsonline.gov.uk/victim (CRIMINAL JUSTICE section??)

Community Development: A Critical Approach

Community Self Help

Cooltan Arts

Counselling Female Offenders and Victims

Creative Writing in Health and Social Care

Critical Thinking for Social Work

Magistrates Tales

Managing High Risk Sex Offenders In The Community: A Psychological Approach

Managing Sex Offender Risk

Modernising British Local Government

New Labour’s Attack on Public Services

Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care: Hidden Carers

Poverty Street

Producing Welfare. A Modern Agenda

Reconceptualising Work with “Carers”: New Directions for Policy and Practice

Resistance: A Ritual Abuse Survivor Speaks Out

Social Work Assessment and Intervention

Social Work Ideals And Practice Realities

Social Work and Empowerment

Social Work and Evidence Based Practice

Staff Supervision in Social Care: Making a Real Difference for Staff and Service Users

Strategic Moves: Thinking, planning and delivering differently 

Supporting Care Practice: Foundation Modern Apprenticeship, Level 2

Scandal, Social Policy and Welfare

Sexual issues in social work

Spaces of Social Exclusion

Spirituality and Social Care

State of Feminist Social Work

Tackling the Roots of Racism: Lessons for Success

The Dyslexia Handbook 2006

The Outcasts’ Outcast. A Biography of Lord Longford

The Social Model of Disability: Europe and the Majority World

The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring

The Welfare We Want

Unsung Sixties. Memoirs of Social Innovation


Victims of Crime and Community Justice

Vulnerable Adults and Community Care

Welfare Benefits and Tax Credit handbook (8th Edition)

Who Cares? How State Funding and Political Activism Change Charity

40 Cases. Restorative Justice and Victim Offender Mediation

More from Community Care

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