Professional Development

    Advocacy in Action

    Aggression at work and how to handle it

    Applied Psychology for Social Work

    A Practitioners’ Tool for the Assessment of Adults Who Sexually Abuse Children

    A Route Out of Poverty? Disabled People, Work and Welfare Reform

    Carers Guide to Physical Intervention and the Law

    Care Standards Legislation Handbook

    Collaboration in Social Work Practice

    Collaborative Social Work Practice

    Community Care and the Law

    Community Care Policy and Practice

    Courtroom skills for social workers

    Critical Thinking for Social Work

    Enhancing Social Work Management: Theory and best practice from the UK and USA

    Going Local: Working in Communities and Neighbourhoods

    How to be a Great Care Assistant

    ICT for social welfare

    Independent Toolkit

    Information and Communication Technologies in the Welfare Services

    Introducing Social Work

    Islam and Social Work

    Law and the Social Work Practitioner

    Leadership: Being Effective and Remaining Human

    Let’s laugh at ourselves  (Clare in the Community)

    Making Links Across SpecialismsManaging Care In Practice

    Managing Care Reader

    Managing in Health and Social Care: Essential Checklists for Frontline Staff

    Managing Community Practice

    Nick Stacey and Kent Social Services

    Partnerships in Social Care: A Handbook for Developing Effective Services

    Partnership Made Painless

    Practical Computer Skills for Social Work

    Practical Guide To Social Welfare Research (The)

    Practising Welfare Rights

    Promoting Social Interaction for Individuals with Communicative Impairments

    Professionalism and Practice: Culture, Values and Services

    Registered Manager’s Solution

    Risk and Risk Taking in Health and Social Care

    Safeguarding Adults in Social Work

    Sexual issues in social work

    S/NVQ 2 Health and Social Care

    Social Work Assessment and Intervention

    Social Work Ideals And Practice Realities

    Social Work and Empowerment

    Social Work and Evidence Based Practice

    Social Work Making A Difference

    Social work and multi-agency working

    Solution-focused Approaches

    Spirituality and Social Care

    Staff Supervision in Social Care: Making a Real Difference for Staff and Service Users

    State of Feminist Social Work

    Strategic Moves: Thinking, planning and delivering differently 

    Stress at work and how to reduce it: a manager’s guide training course

    Supporting Care Practice: Foundation Modern Apprenticeship, Level 2

    Task-Centred Book

    Teamwise, using research evidence: A practical guide for teams

    The Art of Social Work Practice

    The Barefoot Helper: Mindfulness and Creativity in Social Work and the Helping Professions

    The Idea of Community, Social Policy and Self

    The McDonaldization of Social Work

    The Post Qualifying Handbook for Social Workers

    Tolley’s Social Security and State Benefits: A Practical Guide

    Transforming Community Care: A Distorted Vision?

    Transforming Society? Social Work and Sociology

    Understanding the Finance of Welfare

    Understanding Health and Social Care

    Understanding Research for Social Policy and Practice: Themes, Methods and Approaches

    Understanding Social Security

    Voices from the inside

    What is Professional Social Work?

    Working in Group Care: Social Work and Social Care in Residential and Day Care Settings



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