Christmas Quiz of the Year

All answers can be found in Community Care magazine or on the website in 2007.


1) How long is the children’s plan for?

a) five years

b) 10 years

c) 25 years

2) The new Mental Health Act came into force this year to reform the earlier act from which year?

a) 1974

b) 2004

c) 1983

3) Care Matters white paper full name is?

a) Care Matters: Time For Change

b) Care Matters: Looked After Children

c) Care Matters: What’s the point?

4) Scotland’s government issued a plan to overhaul foster and kinship care, what is it called?

a) Getting it Right for Every Child in Kinship and Foster Care

b) Getting it Wrong for Every Child in Kinship and Foster Care

c) The Quality Care for Scottish Children

5) The Forced Marriage Act 2007 applies to which UK countries

a) England only

b)Wales and Scotland

c) England, Wales and Northern Ireland



6) Who claimed that social workers were taking away too many children for adoption?

a) Community Care editor Mike Broad

b) John Hemming MP

c) Denise Platt, chair of the Commission for Social Care Inspection

7) Who said that next year there would be a fight?

a) Unison’s Heather Wakefield after the union decided to accept the local government pay deal

b) David Cameron after Gordon Brown decided not to have an election in the autumn

c) Britain’s laziest man Stan Monckton after he couldn’t bother this year

8) Who said they wanted “cutting edge services” for the 10-year youth plan?

a) Rapper Fifty Cent

b) Anti-poverty campaigner Bob Holman

c) Children’s minister Beverley Hughes

9) Who said they “wouldn’t know which party to vote for?”

a) Vincent Cable, Lib dems stand in leader

b) Big brother contestant, and trainee social worker, Sam Marchant

c) Care services minister Ivan Lewis after hearing the Conservatives social inclusions policies

10) Who is calling for “heads to roll” over cuts to learning disabilities services in the aftermath of the inquiry into the killing of Steven Hoskin in Cornwall.

a) Reg Broad, East Cornwall Mencap

b) Carol Tozer, director of Cornwall’s adult social care

c) Community Care columnist Simon Stevens


11) CEHR is the

a) Commission for Equality and Human Rights

b) Committee for Equality and Human Rights

c) Commission for Equality and Holistic Reality

12) ADCS is

a) a new sports brand

b) Association of Directors of Children’s Services

c) Association of Disability and Comprehensive Services

13) MoJ is

a) Ministry of Justice

b) Short for Mojo

c) Ministry of juveniles, the new young people’s quango

14) The new Ofsted was set up this year. What’s its full title

a) Office for Standards in Education

b) Office of Skills, teaching and education,

c) Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills

15) BME stands for

a) Brain and Mental Injuries

b) Bran, Muesli and Energy

c) Black and minority ethnic  


16) Who resigned from being chair of the Youth Justice Board in January

a) Bill Morgan

b) Rod Morgan

c) Morgan Morgan

17) Who is the new chief executive of the Social Care Institute for Excellence

a) Julie Jones

b) Julie James

c) Jamie Jones

18) Who took over as general secretary at the Royal College of Nursing at the start of the year?

a) Ron Carter

b) Peter Carter

c) Dave Prentis

19) Who is the new Patron of Speaking Up, the charity that provides advocacy services for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems

a) Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays Borat

b) Bruce Forsyth

c) Professor Simon Baron Cohen

20) Who is the president of the new Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

a) Ann Williams

b) William Anne

c) Prince William



21) This chin belongs to?

a)   Social care minister Ivan Lewis

b)  Community Care columnist Peter Beresford

c)   Tory MP Boris Johnston

22) These glasses belong to

a) Ernest Pythagoras

b) Andrew Lee of People First

c) Rosie Winterton, minister

23) This beard adorns the face of?

a) Owen Davies of the GSCC

B) Basw’s Ian Johnston

C) Prime Minister Gordon Brown


24) This earing is worn by

a) Disability rights campaigner Jane Campbell

b) Community Care writer Natalie Valios

c) Community Care columnist Nigel Leaney


25) This fine head of hair sits on

a) Denise Platt of the CSCI

b) Department of Health’s David Behan

c) Dame Jo Williams



26) Who is credited with the idea for GP-style social work practices

a) Julian Le Grand


c) Beverley Hughes, children’s minister

27) What island had trouble in its children’ services?

a) Isle of Wight

b) Isle of Man

c) Jersey

28) What was the name of the umbrella organisation that campaigned for improving the new Mental Health Act

a)   Mental Health Alliance

b)  Mental Health Coalition

c)   Stop It!

29) How many factories will Remploy now close

a) none

b) 28

c) 41

30) What is the name of Community Care’s campaign for people with learning disabilities

a) Live a Life

b) A Life like any Other

c) Life but not as we know it


Email your answers to Keith Sellick, and find out in the New Year how you got on.

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