Stress at work and how to reduce it: a manager’s guide training course

 Stress at work and how to reduce it: a manager’s guide training course
 Ray Braithwaite,
 ISBN: 9781841962092

 Star rating: 4/5

As the pressure to deliver high quality services continues, we need happy, healthy and motivated staff, writes Giles Gardner.  Consequently, managing people successfully becomes ever more critical.

This training pack and accompanying book provide an easy-to-follow and comprehensive guide for anyone managing people.

Simply, this course has everything a manager needs to help them support their staff and address the serious and expensive issue of stress at work.

You will find all the material required to run training classes, including prompts about what equipment you may need. The
pack even includes a certificate of completion that can be photocopied and given to participants! Everything is usefully contained
within a ring binder, allowing the reader and course co-ordinator to photocopy sections as required.

You can tell that the author has a thorough grasp of the subject. Perhaps greater reference to the types of environment that one might select to run the training courses would have been helpful, but this is nit-picking given the overall information so readily available here.

The self-learning tool that supports the course pack is accessible. Of particular note are the questionnaires, which are thought-provoking and have been cleverly conceived.

Giles Gardner is operations manager of adult and community services at Devon Council

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