News round up: Jersey cops list more suspects

Jersey police list more suspects

MORE suspects were identified yesterday by cops investigating the Jersey child sex scandal.
Police said names had been added following calls from the public in the previous 24 hours.
Detectives already had a list of 40 suspects accused of abuse at the former care home Haut de la Garenne.
More than 160 people claim they suffered physical and sexual abuse over 40 years at the home where a child’s remains were found buried in a stairwell.

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Smith targets public sector in ID card hard-sell

The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, yesterday gave a broad indication that millions of public-sector teachers, nurses and care staff in “positions of trust” are to be given a fast-track incentive to sign up early for an ID card to get the “critical mass” she needs for the controversial scheme.
She promised to speed up the introduction of the scheme by allowing people to get a card without waiting to renew their passport, enabling its full introduction by 2017, two years ahead of previous plans.

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Widow, 65, humiliated by web page that painted her as a scarlet woman

A woman aged 65 who became the victim of an online smear campaign that she says made her “look like a sexual predator” called yesterday for stricter controls on social networking websites.

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ID cards must be free for all, says Brown’s own adviser

Gordon Brown’s own adviser has told the Government it should scrap charges for controversial ID cards.
Sir James Crosby, appointed to build trust in the project, said making the cards free was crucial if ministers want to win “hearts and minds”.
The current plan is to charge £30 for a card – and up to £100 for those who want both an ID card and passport – to fund the £4.5billion scheme.

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Figures show 11 children have died over boozing

Eleven children have died from boozing since 2002, figures show.
Alcohol was cited on the death certificates of all the youngsters who were aged between 12 and 15.
Lib Dem health spokesman Norman Lamb said: “This makes frightening reading for parents of young children.”

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Cruel mum is car wash tot fiend

A CRUEL mum hosed down her tiny daughter at a CAR WASH after the tot soiled herself.
CCTV caught her pinning the crying girl, aged about three, against a wall and spraying her legs and face with a high-pressure jet.

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