Should the GSCC have more powers to take action against employers?

Steve Mitcham, Training co-ordinator for Freedom Fostering Training Service

“Yes, because sometimes the practice is due to the lack of training and if employees aren’t given proper training how can you just blame the social worker? At the moment it is the social worker who is castigated.”

Melisse Ogilvie, Social worker, children and families team, Croydon Council

“Employers should be held accountable to some degree for poor practice because even though councils offer supervision it is about the quality of that supervision. Employers should be investigated if an employee is.”

Natasha Bibby, Social worker, children and young people service, Bristol Council

“Often social work practice is informed by an organisation’s policy, its managers and the lack of resources. If a social worker has failed a child, there is often an institutional reason, so employers should be more accountable.”

Matthew Smith, Senior practitioner, learning disabilities, Hertfordshire Council

“We know that there are some not particularly good employers so the GSCC should have more powers to investigate them. There are aspects of work where social workers are not getting support and this is not being picked up.”

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