News round up: David Cameron tells poor to take responsibility

David Cameron tells the fat and the poor: take responsibility

David Cameron declared yesterday that some people who are poor, fat or addicted to alcohol or drugs have only themselves to blame.

He said that society had been too sensitive in failing to judge the behaviour of others as good or bad, right or wrong, and that it was time for him to speak out against “moral neutrality”.

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Asylum-seekers are sent back to Darfur

The ban on deporting asylum-seekers back to Darfur has been lifted by the government despite warnings of widespread murder and torture of dissidents in the Sudanese region.

One Darfuri has already been sent back to Sudan and another man, Abubaker Yousef Mohamad, will be returned next Sunday, The Independent has learnt
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Magistrates told: Be tough on knives

Every magistrate in England and Wales is to be sent a warning from the next lord chief justice that knife crime is reaching epidemic proportions and needs the “most severe” sentences.

The appeal court ruling from Sir Igor Judge will blunt the impact of new sentencing guidelines for magistrates, which come into effect on 4 August, and suggest that a fine or community order may be appropriate for some adult offenders guilty of carrying a knife, as long as the blade was not being used to threaten or frighten anyone.

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Abortion shake-up proposed by MPs

The most significant relaxation of the abortion laws since the practice was first made legal more than 40 years ago is being proposed by a cross-party group of MPs.
Nurses in neighbourhood clinics would be able to prescribe abortion drugs to be taken by women alone in their own homes under the measures to be put before parliament.

The requirement for two doctors to approve an abortion would also be scrapped.

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Plea for victim of sex trade

A Home Office decision to deport a pregnant woman who was trafficked to Britain as a sex slave was slammed by her supporters yesterday.

Kemi Ayinde, 24, could be killed by traffickers as punishment for running away from forced prostitution if she goes back to Nigeria, they say.

She fled her captors here, applied for asylum and started a new life in Cardiff, where she goes to church.

Her daughter was born in the UK 18 months ago and she is five months pregnant.
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