Social work jobs adverts move from print to online

Last year there were 12,550 social work jobs advertised in Community Care (7,570) and the Guardian (4,980), which are the two main UK publications that carry social work and social care jobs. The total comprised: 7,008 in local authorities and 4,713 in voluntary and private sectors. (Source: Media Monitoring Services).

There were also about 300 consultancy posts advertised last year.

The three main areas for recruiting staff were:

  • children 6,975 jobs;
  • mental health 3,235; and
  • 960 in older people’s services.

    These figures represent a large decline from the earlier part of the decade when there was a boom in social work jobs because of important government legislation such as Quality Protects and Supporting People.

    For example in 2001 (the height of the boom in social work jobs), 25,983 jobs were advertised in local authorities and the voluntary sector.

    Recruitment web sites

    More and more jobs are going online and social care is no different. Community Care carries the majority of social work job advertising with currently 4,950 jobs on its website at This more than three times greater than its nearest competitor.

    For jobs information including specialisms, regions and salary go to

    Cost of advertising

    In the six months from April to September 2005 – the last period for which there are figures – councils in England and Wales spent £15.7m in recruitment advertising down from £19m in 2004. When averaged for the year this figure accounts for 0.5% of payroll costs with councils each spending on average about £210,000.
    (Adult, Children and Young People local authority social care workforce survey 2005)

    Of the £15.7m, £7.7 million was spent on recruitment advertising in children’s services while £8 million was spent on recruitment advertising on adults’ services. Recruitment advertising for children’s services ranged from £185,000 in the North East to £1.7million in London. Recruitment advertising for adults’ services ranged from £208,000 in the North East to £1.6 million in the West Midlands.



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