Two dead as failing care home is shut down

Two dead as failing care home is shut down

According to medical charts one woman living at Southfield Care Home in Brackley, Northamptonshire was just given four sips of water in 24 hours and was not given morphine despite being in pain, it is claimed.

Inspectors from England’s care home watchdog, the Commission for Social Care Inspection, had already rated privately-run Southfield one of the worst in the country and made three unannounced spot checks last week.

They were so concerned about the safety of the 34 residents, mainly because of a lack of staff and their ability to give out medication, that they took out a court order to withdraw the home’s registration, forcing it to close immediately.

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Gangs replace parents as role models

Teenagers are joining gangs in increasing numbers because they have no adult role model in their lives, the Prince’s Trust charity has cautioned.

In a bleak report on youth culture, the charity founded in 1976 by the Prince of Wales said that more than a third of 16 to 25-year-olds say they do not have a parent they consider a role model, so turn to their peer group instead.

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The 20 most overcrowded jails

More than 1,600 inmates are being held in a jail in England and Wales for the first time in modern penal history, according to figures from the Ministry of Justice.

After months of holding the population of Wandsworth prison in south west London just below 1,500, the number on the wings has now reached 1,645.

A further 16 jails have a population of more than 1,000 as the prison population continues to rise despite government efforts to persuade the courts to make greater use of non-custodial punishment.

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Rich-poor education gap wider under Labour, Tories warn

The Conservatives today set out their credentials to become the champions of social equality in a document outlining the education gap between rich and poor, which they claim has widened under the Labour government.

The paper, entitled A Failed Generation, says English schoolchildren’s chances of getting good Sats results, GCSEs and A-levels is dictated by where they live.

About 55% of secondary schools in the 10% most deprived parts of the country are failing to reach the government’s floor target of 30% of pupils getting five good GCSEs, including English and maths. In comparison, just 3% of the schools are in the least deprived areas.

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Action on scandal of women in jail

Too many women are being jailed for petty crimes and the Government must cut the number of female prison inmates, the justice minister has told The Independent.

The total of imprisoned women in England and Wales doubled in the past decade to 4,460. Maria Eagle, the justice minister, said too many vulnerable and mentally-ill female offenders are being locked up, and that the Government could achieve a “significant” cut of hundreds, to the point where some women’s prisons could be closed.

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Chemicals that double up as date-rape drugs to be banned

Two freely-available chemicals which can be used as date rape drugs are to be banned.

The substances are widely sold as cleaning fluids and industrial solvents, but also have the effect of sedating a victim if they are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Ministers are also preparing to outlaw 26 anabolic steroids amid fears that growing numbers of teenage boys are using them for body building.

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