Baby P: Haringey investigating new suspected abuse case

Baby P: Haringey investigating new case of suspected abuse

A second investigation has been launched after another child in Haringey suffered serious harm from suspected abuse at the same time as Baby P, it has emerged.
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One in ten children suffer abuse, say experts

The true scale of the maltreatment of children in the UK is revealed by child abuse experts today who say that one in 10 suffers physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect.

Unlike Baby P, who died in Haringey, north London, while on the at-risk register after months of abuse and neglect, most maltreated children are not even referred to the authorities.

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Care gaps affect mentally-ill children

The charity sector for children and young people with mental health problems is “small and under-resourced” relative to the scale of the problem and, despite charities filling gaps in statutory provision, 40% of those with a mental disorder do not get any treatment, according to a report by New Philanthropy Capital (NPC).

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Social capital is key to old problem of care

What does the recession mean for the government’s plan to forge a new settlement on long-term care and support? At first sight, it suddenly doesn’t seem a terribly good time to be discussing the limits of state help for our rapidly ageing population and the need for things such as compulsory care insurance. But this is one agenda that can’t be parked until the economic sun shines again and the politicians fancy climbing back up to that leaking roof with a hammer and nails.

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Lie detector tests to catch benefit cheats

Benefit claimants will face lie detector tests and will lose benefits for a month if found guilty of fiddling the system under proposals unveiled by Gordon Brown on the eve of today’s Queen’s speech.

The “one strike and you’re out” proposal is contained in a tough summary of the speech released yesterday by the Cabinet Office. The government is also proposing to give the public clearer information, mainly via the internet, on how criminals are sentenced in local courts. Communities are to be given a bigger role in deciding what form of community punishment local criminals should be forced to undertake.

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Mother held after son, 12, is found dead at home

A mother has been arrested after her grammar school son was found dead at their home.

The boy was said to be aged 11 or 12 and neighbours named him as James Taylor. They claimed his mother Jennifer, who was arrested before being taken to hospital, had tried to kill herself.

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