Social worker: Charge of sex with user is ‘complete fabrication’

A social worker facing conduct charges has described an allegation that he had sex with a service user as a “complete fabrication”.
In a statement, the practitioner admitted sending sexually explicit texts to the service user, Ms A, and said he had formed an inappropriate relationship with her, which may have “led her on”.

Following discussions with his legal representative, Community Care has decided not to name the social worker, whose case was considered by a General Social Care Council this week, and referred to him as Mr G.

He said he believed Ms A may have made the allegation because she felt spurned by him. Ms A alleged on another occasion the social worker touched her breast and kissed her. However, Mr G denied the claims and said she had placed his hand on her breast.
He added: “It is a great regret that I did not report this incident.”
He also denied buying wine for Ms A, who was referred for help with an alcohol problem. At the time, Mr G was working as a drugs worker for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health Trust.


Giving evidence to the committee yesterday, Ms A said Mr G, who was her key worker, had disclosed personal information to her, including marriage problems. “I felt sorry for him and I was flattered he could confide in me.”
She said in September 2005 he had visited her at home and they had had sex, which he initiated. “He definitely initiated the sexual encounter. I was disappointed by the sex and repulsed by his body,” she told the committee.
“He said we should not have sex again. I think he realised he had taken advantage of the situation,” she said, adding that afterwards Mr G cut off contact with her and she had felt rejected.
Mr G had admitted introducing another service user, Ms B, to colleagues as a student social worker and telling her about an affair he had with a GP.
The GSCC committee has now retired to consider its verdict.

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