News round-up: Battered daughter ‘locked in cupboard’

Battered daughter ‘locked in cupboard’
Tiny, bloody handprints were found on the inside of a cupboard in a house where a two-year-old girl died after sustaining more than 100 injuries, a court heard yesterday.
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Ketamine tops cocaine as new drug of choice
The horse tranquilliser ketamine is increasingly replacing cocaine as the substance of choice among Britain’s recreational drug users, according to charities and experts.
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Dyslexia is a myth, says Labour MP
Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley, writing in an online column for the website Manchester Confidential, said the disorder should be consigned to the “dustbin of history”.
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Councils still white men’s clubs with members becoming older
Councillors are older and remain overwhelmingly white and male despite government efforts over the past decade to introduce youth and ethnicity to England’s town halls.
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Data sharing ‘is step towards Big Brother’
Personal data gathered by one government department will be available to other areas of Whitehall, local government and agencies under proposed legislation published yesterday.
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Teenage boys may discuss pornography in school lessons
The Family Planning Association is running a course for youth workers who visit schools to help them “support” teenagers who view pornographic websites and magazines.
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Mother who killed baby jailed for five years
A mother who killed her three-month-old baby by inflicting injuries usually received in a car accident has been jailed for five years.
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Disabled woman, 91, dies ‘after becoming stressed over £16,000 council bill
A family have expressed their fury after the death of their disabled 91-year-old mother  who ‘was forced to take out a second mortgage to foot an unnecessary £16,000 council bill’ .
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