Jury blasts staff over death in cell

Jury blasts staff over death in cell

Staff at a privately run jail failed to do all they could to ensure the safety of an inmate who killed himself while suffering a mental illness, a coroner’s jury ruled yesterday.

In a highly critical verdict, the jury said the inmate’s death could have been avoided if staff at Rye Hill prison had carried out proper observations of him.

They said a lack of trained and experienced staff in the segregation unit at the jail, then run by GSL private seucurity firm, made it an unsafe place to hold Michael Bailey.

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Internet bullying on the increase

A QUARTER of teenagers say they have been bullied on the internet.

A poll for Microsoft shows teens believe it has become easier for bullies to target victims online.

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Single mothers have created generation of ‘uber-chavs’ who are costing taxpayer a fortune, claims deputy head

A deputy head who sat on a Government taskforce aimed at improving behaviour in schools yesterday condemned a generation of modern parents as ‘uber-chavs’.

Ralph Surman said the parents of today’s pupils were themselves the children of the ‘first big generation of single mothers’ from the 1980s.

He claimed they – and in turn their children – have been left with no social skills or work ethic and may be impossible to educate.

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Children do less well with granny than in a nursery, study finds

Children looked after by grandparents while their mothers are at work would be better off in nurseries or with childminders, according to a new study.

It discovered that children in the care of grandparents struggled to socialise with their peers by the age of 3, had significantly more behavioural problems and were behind at key developmental stages compared with those in nurseries, with nannies, childminders or even other family members.

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Gipsies’ purse

GIPSIES are getting free legal advice to fight eviction from illegal camps — with taxpayers picking up the £170,000 bill. 

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Private schools could be told to give 16% of their places to poorer children

Private schools could be forced to give 16 per cent of their places to poor pupils to keep their charitable status.

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