Equality Bill creates duty to tackle discrimination

The Equality Bill, which aims to fight all forms of discrimination in Britain, is published today.

Announced by Harriet Harman, minister for women and equality, the bill brings together nine existing duties and extends them to gender reassignment, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief. It also places a duty on public bodies to tackle discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and encourage good community relations. 

The Equality and Diversity Forum – the network of national organisations working to advance equality and human rights – welcomed the Bill.

Amanda Ariss, EDF’s chief executive, said: “The Bill should improve ordinary people’s lives and simplify the law for businesses.

“Countless older people will benefit when treating people unfairly simply on the grounds of age outlawed in services such as health, social care and financial products. And public bodies will have a new duty not just to avoid discrimination but also to take practical steps to tackle disadvantage and meet different needs.”

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