Laming tells child protection managers to shield frontline

    Lord Laming has called on child protection managers to protect their own staff by shouldering the blame when mistakes are made.

    Speaking ahead of the government’s detailed response to his review of safeguarding in England, Laming said management should lead by example and remember they are personally accountable for the quality of services.

     “With the salaries and titles goes the responsibility,” the former chief inspector of social services told the all-party Parliamentary Group for Children yesterday.

    ‘Public vilification’

    Laming’s report, ordered by the government after the Baby P case in Haringey, highlighted how the morale and status of social workers had been damaged by “public vilification”, led by the media.

    The peer told the meeting: “The vast majority of children’s services workers are employees of organisations.

    “For too long managerial accountability has not been accorded with the responsibility that goes with it. Too often it’s the frontline person who carries the can and is named and shamed when it goes wrong.

    “With the salaries and the titles goes the responsibility. It is the managers’ responsibility to ensure that the principles and values of the organisation are carried through to the frontline.”

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