News round-up: Titan jails scrapped in favour of smaller units

Jack Straw scraps giant Titan jails
Up to five jails, each holding 1,500 inmates, are to be built at a cost of £3.1 billion, the Government announced yesterday. The scheme will replace a £2.9 billion plan for three “Titan” jails, each holding 2,500 prisoners.

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London trusts in chaos as NHS IT system ‘loses’ waiting lists
Thousands of patients’ details have been discovered on “lost” waiting lists at hospitals in London, as they struggle with a controversial new computer system installed as part of the government’s troubled £12.7bn overhaul of NHS IT, an investigation has revealed.

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Press allowed access to secretive family courts for the first time
It was a historic day for the legal system, one that pushed back the boundaries of privacy after years of heated debate.
Yet the brave new world that meant reporters were allowed access to family courts for the first time yesterday appears to have come as something of a shock – especially to many of those working within them.

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Pupils aged 11 to learn about gay sex
Compulsory sex and relationships lessons for 11-year-old children are to include classroom discussions on gay unions and civil partnerships.

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Times reports on family courts across England
As the family courts open to the press, The Times reports from courts around the country

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Firms bidding for Government contracts face equality quotas
New laws planned by Harriet Harman, the equalities minister, mean that firms tendering for taxpayer-funded work could be judged on new criteria including the gender and race of their staff.

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Justice gets jittery when ‘family court’ doors finally open
The revolution in coverage of the courts has been set back by ‘shambolic’ enforcement of the new rules.

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