Genetic clues discovered in development of autism

Scientists find genetic clues to how autism can develop

Scientists have found the first substantial evidence that autism may be caused by genetic differences that damage the connection in the brain in early childhood.

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EU talks to end working time opt-out fail

British employers breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday after attempts to abolish the UK’s right to opt out of European Union rules limiting a working week to 48 hours finally disintegrated.

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Reluctant role model

The editor of a lifestyle magazine that tries to make things ‘a bit easier’ for people with mental health problems believes it could appeal to any reader.

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Family courts system accused of hiding evidence from parents

Parents fighting in the family courts for contact with their children are being denied access to their personal files by a corrupt system, a leading parental rights campaigner has said.

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Elderly shoppers to get ‘sat nav’ gadget to find their way around supermarkets

Satellite navigation gadgets are being developed to help pensioners find their way around supermarkets.

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