Book review: Autism discrimination and the law (James Graham)

Autism, Discrimination and the Law: A quick guide for parents, educators and employers

Star rating: 4/5

James Graham, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN 9781843106272

This is a precise and jargon-free guide to disability discrimination law and its practice implications for practitioners dealing with autism, employers and people with autism.

James Graham not only provides the reader with concise background information on the characteristics of autism, he also offers a refreshingly honest insight into the difficulties of applying anti-discriminatory practice and equality to individuals with social impairment.

The author explains the obligation to promote, protect and ensure the full equal rights of people with disabilities as contained in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, which became law in March 2007. He concludes that while these laws sought to redress the balance of rights for people with disabilities, they are not clear about what that meant for those whose disability arises through problems with social interaction.

Graham uses case studies to show how the law can be interpreted and integrated into practice, making this book a must-read for those who want to ensure the provisions of equality, diversity and anti-discriminatory practice in relation to autism.

Maggie Griggs is director of residential care management consultants Rezume

Published in the 14 May 2009 edition of Community Care

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