Sun social work survey: Community Care’s version

Deidre Sanders, The Sun’s agony aunt and member of the Social Work Taskforce, has set up a survey to find out what Sun readers think should be changed to get social work “back on its” feet.

Some Community Care readers pointed out some problems with the survey, so we have used those comments to improve upon the survey by designing our own short version.

Please take 5 minutes to fill it in – we’ll send the results to Deidre and the Social Work Taskforce to ensure that they get an accurate picture of what social workers think.
The survey can be completed anonymously and we will not name specific respondents.

Click here to fill in the survey.

We will use all the data collected to ensure that the views of social workers are represented.

Please also consider answering The Sun’s original survey – you may not agree with all of the questions, but answering will help to influence The Sun’s results and will give a voice to social workers.

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