Independent Safeguarding Authority

The ISA’s role is to help prevent unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults. It assesses every person who wants to work or volunteer with vulnerable people. Potential employees and volunteers will need to apply to register with the ISA.

Applicants will be assessed using data gathered by the Criminal Records Bureau, including relevant criminal convictions, cautions, police intelligence and other appropriate sources. Using this information the ISA decides on a case-by-case basis whether each person is suited to this work. Information is stored about people’s ISA status for employers and voluntary organisations to use when they are recruiting.

Only applicants who are judged not to pose a risk to vulnerable people can be ISA-registered. Once the scheme has been fully rolled out, employers who work with vulnerable people will only be allowed to recruit people who are ISA-registered.

Chief executive: Adrian McAllister
Chair: Sir Roger Singleton
Address: PO Box 181, Darlington DL1 9FA
Telephone: 0300 1231111

Other UK equivalents: ISA covers Wales and Northern Ireland. There is an equivalent agency for Scotland.

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