Book review: Principles of learning disability support: Induction Award – Supporting people who have a learning disability, by John Brooke

Principles of Learning Disability Support: Induction Award – supporting people who have a learning disability

John Brooke, BILD/Heinemann

ISBN 9780435500016

Anyone new to the field of learning disability or in need of an induction programme specific to this client group will find this book to be a useful practice tool.

This workbook, one in a series of four, informs the induction process by using carefully constructed examples to define statutory requirements in principle and practice while keeping the person with learning disabilities centre stage. The layout makes the book easy to follow and understand, giving the reader a clear picture of the concepts of working in this field in combination with the common induction standards necessary in the workplace.

Each chapter includes essential knowledge for new and existing support workers in line with legislation such as person-centred planning, confidentiality, diversity, culture and values and suggests how to apply these principles in practice. The knowledge is summarised into precise reference and thinking points that allow the reader to reflect and consolidate learning.

Written in a straightforward, jargon-free manner, the book is primarily aimed at employees in the field of learning disability. However, its straightforward presentation would make it a handy reference tool for anyone interested in this field.

Maggie Griggs is director of residential care management consultants Rezume

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