Council cost cutting; Doncaster ‘cover-up’

Cover-up fears as secret report over Edlington torture brothers does not name officials who missed 31 chances to intervene

An official report on the evil young brothers who tortured two boys does not even name the officials who missed 31 chances to intervene.

The crucial omission in the document – which the Government is refusing to release – reinforces fears of an institutional cover-up.

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Public services could cut costs by 15%

Up to 15% of spending on public services is being wasted through duplication and inefficiency, according to research that suggests huge savings could be made without harming schools, hospitals and social care.

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Sarah’s Law to go nationwide: Finally, parents win access to police intelligence on ‘suspects’ in contact with their children

The ‘Sarah’s Law’ paedophile alert scheme is set to be extended across the country.

All parents will be given the right to ask police if anyone with regular unsupervised access to their children has a conviction for child sex offences.

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60 sex crimes on kids a day

SIXTY sex crimes are committed against children EVERY DAY, shock figures reveal.

Cops dealt with 21,618 cases in 2008/09 – nearly half of all sex offences reported in that period.

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Ambidextrous children ‘at more risk of having learning difficulties’

Children who are ambidextrous are more likely to have learning and language difficulties than those who are right or left-handed, according to research.

A study of nearly 8,000 children by scientists at Imperial College London suggests that an eight-year-old child who is ambidextrous will be twice as likely to have problems with language and to perform poorly in school.

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