Fictitious care home fraud duo are jailed

Two people who invented a care home and defrauded the NHS out of more than £100,000 have been jailed.

Two people who invented a care home and defrauded the NHS out of more than £100,000 have been jailed.

Ololade Mabun, 33, of Cardigan Street, Luton, invoiced Buckinghamshire NHS Primary Care Trust for services provided at a fictitious care home, Made House.

Using her position as a care manager at the trust, she accessed its continuing care register and created false identities for five patients.

The money was deposited in the bank account of Bodylon Fayoyin, 47, who tried to cover his tracks by transferring it to other accounts.

Between April and July 2009, the PCT paid out a total of £117,000 on 31 invoices from the home.

During this time, a man claiming to be the manager of Made House phoned and emailed the PCT with updates on the well-being of its residents. He claimed three had died, one was in hospital and one on holiday in Poland.

But concerns were raised about the contract and, when Mabun’s contracts manager tried to visit the address on the invoices, she found the home did not exist.

Investigators from the NHS Counter Fraud Service and Thames Valley Police later connected the mobile phone number and an email address listed on the fake invoices to Mabun.

Mabun was jailed for four years at Aylesbury Crown Court on 23 February for fraud by abuse of position.

Fayoyin, of Chadwell St Mary, Essex, was jailed for three years at the same court on 18 March for possessing and converting criminal property.

Ed Macalister-Smith, chief executive of the Buckinghamshire PCT, said: “We were very relieved by the verdict and glad to be able to put an end to this matter.

“Although the trial showed our systems and processes were robust, and the fraud was detected swiftly, we are keen to alert others to the potential risk.

“This was a callous, complex and calculated fraud designed to take away NHS funding from some of the most vulnerable people in our society and we would not like to see it happen again.”

Macalister-Smith also paid tribute to the members of staff who helped to expose the fraud.

Nicole McLaughlin, South East operational fraud manager for the NHS Counter Fraud Service, added: “Mabun’s actions were a shock to her NHS colleagues as well as to the public, and we are pleased that her partner in crime, Bodylon Fayoyin, is now behind bars.”

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