Are budgets cuts in your area leaving vulnerable children at risk?

If you work in child protection, please let us know how supported you feel and how you believe the economic climate is affecting children's services

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Next month it will be five years since we learnt of the death of Peter Connelly (‘Baby P’) at the hands of three people who should have loved and protected him – his mother Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend Steven Barker and Barker’s brother Jason Owen.

It was, and still is, one of the most written-about, read-about and talked-about cases in the history of child protection. But how has it changed the landscape of child protection policy and social work with vulnerable children and families?

After five years of remorse, reflection and reform, what have we learnt? Are social workers now given enough resources and support to protect children and reduce the number of deaths and serious incidents? And how is this impacted by local authority budget cuts?

If you work in child protection, as a social worker or manager, we want to hear from you. We’ve designed a confidential survey – with the help of social workers – where you can share your views and experiences. Please pass it on to your colleagues and peers.

Tell us how budget cuts are affecting your work – take part in our anonymous survey

Your contribution will help us, you, local and national government to understand what life is really like for child protection teams today.

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One Response to Are budgets cuts in your area leaving vulnerable children at risk?

  1. Roselyn Thompson October 18, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

    In my opinion to the death of Baby Peter Connelly professionals still not communicating with each and in relation to safeguarding children that deem vulnerable. From experience as a social worker, I was given cases that many colleague had previously and completed assessment and written no further action. When I went in and sit with each child with and without the parents and look into the families holistically those child found to be at risk and need to have a child protection plan.

    Following Baby Peter case and many others serious cases I come to the understanding that sone professionals not communicating and work together in the best interest of children and their families. Children and their families required good intervention and a holistic assessment that will observe the hold part of their life. We need to follow up referrals and assure that we see the children and talk to them. As social worker when I received referral I find out from child health who the family GP, school, and health visitor is I always have a good working relationship with other professionals involve with a family, including drugs
    /alcohol and domestic violent services. Social Workers should be able to use their life experience to understand the different aspect of families.

    Social Worker need to actively listening to children.
    Build a better working relationship with parents/carers.
    Have a better line of communication with other professionals
    Understand the phase ‘Working Together to Safegaurd children and their families’.
    Be honest and open
    Don’t prejudge parents.
    Be more observant and never take no for answer
    Good at research as some families move from borough to borough fare of detection.
    Have discussion with manager at beginning and end of work
    Reflect on own practice and discuss what need to improve.