Social worker who gave her relatives false job references suspended for another six months

The woman's criminal sentence does not expire until July 2014, the regulator heard

Fitness to practise hearing

A social worker who provided false employment references for two of her relatives has been suspended from the register for a further six months.

The social worker pleaded guilty to and was convicted of fraud in May 2012 after it emerged she had produced false references for her sister and nephew on paper carrying her employer’s letterhead. She received a suspended prison sentence.

She was also suspended from practising as a social worker for one year by a panel of the Health and Care Professions Council’s (HCPC) conduct and competence committee in February 2013.

As this suspension is due to be lifted, another HCPC panel met this week to consider whether the woman should be allowed to return to social work.

At the hearing, she provided the panel with a written statement and a reference from the organisation where she has been working as an unpaid volunteer assisting with people with learning difficulties.

She restated her remorse for what she had done and the panel agreed that she had increased insight into her failings.

However, it said there was no independent evidence that the social worker had complied with the terms of her criminal sentence, which does not expire until July 2014.

The panel added: “While the registrant had completed some online courses these did not relate to her role as a social worker. The panel therefore had no evidence before it that the registrant had undertaken steps to maintain her professional knowledge.”

For these reasons, the panel decided that a period of further suspension from the register was appropriate.

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One Response to Social worker who gave her relatives false job references suspended for another six months

  1. Charlotte Peters Rock February 26, 2014 at 8:45 pm #

    Social workers who are ‘scruffy round the edges’ in that they are immoral or dishonest or corrupt in their actions should be removed forever from the Social Work Register. Full stop!

    Anything less will be a pretty poor service of the public need. Social Workers must know precisely where they stand. They stand as caring professionals. If they do not care, or are unprofessional, or corrupt, they have no business in social work.

    Get rid of them.. if only to protect those who do a good job.