‘Residential care was and still is a positive option for our mum’

One woman’s successful transition from home to care home inspires another winning image from Community Care’s social care photography competition

Photo: Image Source/Vicki Lawson

Barbara Codd had always regarded residential care as an option she would never envisage for herself but as her smile in this image from Community Care’s second Inspiring Images of Social Care competition reflects, it turned out to be a good option.

The winning image was taken by Barbara’s daughter Vicki, who has worked as a social worker in children’s services for more than 20 years. Vicki and her family had struggled with the idea of residential care as an option for their mum, something she attributes partly to negative media coverage of the system when issues of concern arise.

But, after a moment of “collective realisation”, Vicki, her sister Julie and their mum decided that staying at home was no longer an option for Barbara. “Mum’s stalwart determination to remain independent in her own home at times tested us all as a family and those supporting her in the community,” says Vicki.

“But she was able to be independent until she didn’t want to be anymore and she loves residential care. She has put on weight, has company and has assistance to do all the things she could no longer manage.”

Inspired by this experience, Vicki decided to enter the Inspiring Images competition to share her positive story of social care and show the professional and personal side of the work.

“As a seasoned child care worker, I saw the world of adult care with a different eye and had a personal experience that I wanted to share in tribute to my fellow adult workers,” she says. “Residential care really was and still is a positive option for our mum and her smile reflects this.”

Vicki’s image will join 11 others on a charity calendar, which is sponsored by Caritas recruitment and will be sent out to thousands of social care professionals.

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