What is it like to be audited by the HCPC?

A social worker explains what it was like to have their continuing professional development profile audited

I felt a variety of things when the letter asking me to submit my continuing professional development profile for the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) arrived.

Initially, a wave of irritation swept over me: “What were the chances of that?”  sprung to mind. “When am I supposed to find the time?” came a very close second. I put the letter to one side and carried on with my to do list, which spanned two pages of A4.

But gradually when the profile popped into my head I started to feel a little excited and pleased that at least my relative diligence had paid off.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t keep my CPD log up to date on a constant basis, but every few months I would get an attack of conscience, collect my certificates, diary dates, lists of books or articles I had read and dutifully record my activities. At least someone was going to see how organised I’d been!

As it turned out, completing the profile was actually a very useful process.  It was an opportunity to revisit learning that I had undertaken.  I was reminded of articles that I had found stimulating or helpful and I used them again in my work.  I enjoyed thinking about how my learning had led to benefits for the service users that I worked for.

It took me a good couple of afternoons to pull everything together but now I’m more focused about what opportunities I’ll look for in the future.

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