Is the child protection system at breaking point? Complete our anonymous survey

With David Cameron threatening jail for social workers who fail to protect children, we must evidence the huge pressure social workers are under.

With an election round the corner and a prime minister who seems intent on threatening, rather than listening to, children’s social workers, it is more important than ever to stand up for social work and make your voice heard.

We have already detailed 100 ways in which you can do this, but if you work in child protection there is one more: share your views and experiences of working in one of the most challenging, and high profile, areas of social work today.

Please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey.

We know from talking to you that the child protection system is reaching breaking point, and that many of you feel unsupported, under resourced, worried, stressed and frustrated.

When we last surveyed you, 80% of you said austerity measures in your authority had left children at increased risk, 80% of you believed child protection thresholds had increased in your area over the past year and 73% of you admitted you lacked the support and resources to prevent a child at risk in your area from coming to serious harm.

Yet when we raised your concerns, on the BBC Breakfast sofa no less, the government dismissed them. We cannot allow ministers to keep minimisising these very real issues. So, we have commissioned independent researchers to solicit your views.

They really need your help to build an accurate picture of the pressure you’re under (or the excellent support and plentiful resources you’ve received, if you’re one of the lucky ones) so please do take a few minutes to share your experiences.

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2 Responses to Is the child protection system at breaking point? Complete our anonymous survey

  1. A Grant April 9, 2015 at 4:30 pm #

    I have been subjected to the political fear that would seem rife throughout LA CSC. I am aware of an exodus of Social Workers from permanent positions for fear that they are under scrutiny of a risk aversive management that seem too ready to deflect shortcomings and put any blame at the foot of the social worker.
    To raise concerns is almost a guarantee that you will be identified as challenging and not adopting and adapting to the changes we are expected to manage under more scrutiny, stress and lack of support from management who are more focused upon target driven outcomes to satisfy OFSTED.
    With more SW taking sick leave, being hauled up before HCPC and working unrealistic unpaid additional hours just to try and keep up, the future of social work as a rewarding profession seems to be fading and misleading to those newly qualified who may still believe otherwise.
    I know that there are many social workers who will have good managers but it is clear from the survey that they are I’m a minority.

  2. Moira April 9, 2015 at 10:05 pm #

    A few years ago just after baby P I think, the government said social workers should hold no more than 15 cases. I work in a LA where part time I hold 12 cases and full time are 25 cases. It’s ridiculous yet your made to feel like your incompetent if you can’t keep up with the work!