‘I’m a social worker because’: practitioners tell the world why they do it

The hashtag took off after social worker Anthony Vaughan encouraged his colleagues to share positive reasons they were in the profession

Social worker Anthony Vaughan rallied his colleagues to tweet why they were proud to be in the profession, using the hashtag ‘I’m a social worker because’.

He said on Twitter that the positive tweets it provoked were inspiring and he was doing it to stand up for social work.

Community Care has been running a Stand up for Social Work campaign. We’re standing up for social work by being honest, offering support and providing inspiration.

Vaughan said social work was a vocation he followed to strive for equal rights and an end to discrimination.

Here’s what some you said:

You can join our Stand up for Social Work campaign by:
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• Sharing this article
• Sharing what you’ve done to make a difference today
• Writing a letter to your MP
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