Dissatisfaction with management and career prompts three in five social care workers to look for new job

A survey has found more than a quarter would prefer a clear career progression route to a 3% pay rise

A mass exodus of social care workers could be on the horizon, according to a national body which accredits employers.

A third of health and social care employees are unhappy in their jobs, with three in five saying they will look for a new job in 2016, a survey by Investors in People has found.

Low pay

The organisation, which accredits employers that meet its standards as good places to work, has found low pay and a lack of opportunities for career progression were contributing to social care workers’ dissatisfaction.


But, the poll of 2000 employees, including those from the health and social care sector, also found being badly managed and  feeling undervalued were also key factors.

In fact, nearly a third of workers taking the survey said they would prefer more flexible working to a 3% pay rise.

Career progression

More than a quarter said they would rather have a clear career progression route while one in five wanted their employer to invest in their training and development more than they wanted a 3% pay rise.

One in eight just wanted to be thanked more.

Head of Investors in People, Paul Devoy, said: “As the economy improves, many employers run the risk of losing their valuable, skilled staff.

“Improved salaries over recent months means pay is less of a gripe, but longstanding issues around poor management and how valued people feel in their work continue to make UK workers miserable.”

Saying thank you

He added showing staff they are valued by thanking them, involving them in decisions and giving them responsibility over their work would make staff happier and therefore more likely to stay.

He said: “Employers also win, with a more committed workforce, higher retention and a clearer view of the future.”

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2 Responses to Dissatisfaction with management and career prompts three in five social care workers to look for new job

  1. Ruth January 7, 2016 at 8:43 pm #

    I wholeheartedly agree with this article. Staffordshire are excellent at appreciating their social workers and taking the time to say “we really appreciate the difficult work you do”. We also have a clear career progression path and plentiful training opportunities.

    This article makes me appreciate that I work for a good authority.

  2. Heidi De Wolf January 11, 2016 at 9:54 pm #

    There are other reasons why social care workers are walking away. The work is overly regulated leaving little room for common sense. Over regulation leads to being too fearful to act. I have also observed how managers unwittingly disempower their staff by keeping them at work in total silos with high workloads. They protect their teams from the outside world which they think distracts from high workloads, inadvertently affecting people’s well-being, resilience and career progression.