Social worker struck off after yelling ‘baby murderer’ outside woman’s home

A conduct and competence committee said the social worker, who had been suspended since 2013, should be struck off

A social worker has been struck off after she was found guilty of yelling “baby murderer” and making threats to kill outside a woman’s house.

The social worker was initially suspended by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in 2013, but during a third review of her suspension order over Christmas 2015, the conduct and competence committee decided the social worker should be removed from the register.

She was a member of a party of people who threw a brick at the woman inside her home, which injured her, and in November 2012, the social worker pleaded guilty in court to using threatening or insulting behaviour.


In the initial hearing in 2013, the social worker “stated that she had known the victim for some years and had previously given a statement to the police about the victim”. The panel in that hearing concluded that the social worker’s behaviour was “wholly unacceptable, unprofessional and deplorable conduct and brings the profession into disrepute”.

She did not attend the hearing over Christmas, but the HCPC spoke to her husband who said he did not see the point of the process continuing, it was a waste of the HCPC’s resources.

The panel said: “Given the ongoing risk of harm to the public and damage to the reputation [of] the profession the Panel considers that a further sanction is necessary.”

It added that the registrant, other than the comments from her husband, had not engaged with opportunities to demonstrate her willingness and ability to return to social work.

The panel noted that, through her husband, the social worker had stated she had an ongoing and serious health condition and had no intention of returning to social work. “She wants this process to come to an end. The Panel has therefore concluded that a Striking Off Order is the only appropriate and proportionate sanction.”

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2 Responses to Social worker struck off after yelling ‘baby murderer’ outside woman’s home

  1. Planet Autism January 13, 2016 at 6:56 pm #

    …and that is the type of person the social care service is employing.

    Why was she not charged with assault and/or ABH too?

  2. FosterCarer1964 January 14, 2016 at 12:11 pm #

    It’s a crime then? So why isn’t the rule the same for everyone?
    I have been living next door to a man who for 5 years has caused my Wife and I unbelievable upset and trauma to our lives because he calls us perverts, paedophiles and accuses us of photographing children. He leans out of windows and follows us. He parks so that we can’t use our drive and he spits on our car and guests cars. He prevents us using our garden and keeps us awake at night. He’s shouted that we’re perverts in a supermarket and vandalised our garden. He’s even told Police I assaulted him (which caused me to end up in a Police station). And all because he found out we’re Foster Carers. The Police, Local Authority and ASB teams have done nothing in 5 years of complaining. He’s even admitted to doing the things he does. He’s been warned many times to stop and many times he says he will. So if it’s a hate crime or wrong to call people names,- why isn’t it the same for everyone.