Council encourages social workers to tweet day-to-day work

Norfolk council is telling social workers to spend a day tweeting as they go to help raise awareness of their work

It’s not often – unless you work for Twitter – that your employer will encourage you to spend a day tweeting.

However, that’s exactly what is happening for social workers at Norfolk council, who are being encouraged to stand up for social work on Monday 1 February and showcase what the day-to-day life of a social worker is like.

Social workers will be supporting Community Care’s stand up for social work campaign by using the #StandUp4SW hashtag to share what work they are doing, and raise awareness about what their roles involve.

“Lots of people don’t fully understand the job we do and what services are available so this will be a great way of dispelling myths,” social worker Emma Jervis said.

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Michael Rosen, Norfolk’s executive director for children’s services, said it is important to highlight the work of social workers.

“Their work is often undervalued and their role is often misrepresented, so this is an excellent way of raising their profile and giving them the opportunity to give people in Norfolk an ‘as it happens’ picture of the vital work they do.”

You can see what social workers in Norfolk are doing by following @NorfolkSW, searching the #StandUp4SW hashtag or by following @CommunityCare on Twitter.

You can join our Stand up for Social Work campaign by:
• Taking one action and telling us what it is
• Sharing this article
• Sharing what you’ve done to make a difference today
• Writing a letter to your MP
• Changing your profile picture

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2 Responses to Council encourages social workers to tweet day-to-day work

  1. Maria Davison February 1, 2016 at 10:45 am #

    This is so refreshing to hear and am sure to be a huge benefit to raising awareness throughout the community. I am not sure how we have such a high number of companies etc. still that are living in times past with the social media lock down and fear factor raging. Hopefully others will be inspired by such actions as shared here. Thankyou and I will be watching for the hashtags flying out!

  2. loiner February 1, 2016 at 9:18 pm #

    why are professionals using phones at work, or is there one rule for one and rules for others. care workers looking after service users aren’t allowed to use their phone at work, and face been accused of professional misconduct