What does social work mean to you?

Share your views and experiences ahead of World Social Work Day

Next Tuesday (March 15) is World Social Work Day, a chance to reflect on the profession and boost its profile.

Ahead of this, we are asking social workers, service users and anyone else involved in social care to reflect on what social work means to you.

Share your personal definition of what social work is, how it has affected your life or what being involved in social work means for you personally.

Share your reflections below, on the Community Care Facebook Page or by using the #StandUp4SW or #WorldSocialWorkDay hashtags.

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One Response to What does social work mean to you?

  1. Vicky March 7, 2016 at 1:26 pm #

    I’m not on Facebook so I figured I’d share via here that Social work to me is the best profession in the world and the strongest. It requires a daily battle to proudly say “I’m a Social Worker” everyday. Social work to me is also my value base. I am proud to stand up for social work everyday by owning this profession.