Video: What social workers need to know about social media and adoption

Key messages from a Community Care Inform Guide about social media and adoption have been condensed

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Social media has made it much easier for adopted children and their birth families to have contact. This can have both a positive and negative impact. Either way its important for social workers to know how to manage it.

This is explored of social networking on adoption is considered in a guide for Community Care Inform, first written by Eileen Fursland and recently updated by Julia Feast and Elaine Dibben from CoramBAAF.

The guide covers key legislation and research, issues to be aware of and practical advice for adoption social workers. These are some brief tips from the guide; Inform subscribers can read the full guide and access the adoption knowledge and practice hub.

We have condensed some of the key messages about what social workers need to know into a short video below.

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One Response to Video: What social workers need to know about social media and adoption

  1. Karen cadd June 1, 2017 at 11:17 pm #

    It seems that most families only get letterbox contact and this is so very sad,unless the child has been physically or mentally abused then it should be open adoption this is cruel it is bad enough when they take your children that you love so much and give them to strangers.Only God knows the damage it had done .this is the only abuse our children have suffered by the hands of the s/s.And it can never be repaired.No wonder so many young people have mental issues and many of parents committing suicide