Social workers to feature in EastEnders plot after child bruising call

A character's children will be placed in the care of their grandmother after concerns about bruises

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Warning: potential spoilers for EastEnders

A mum on BBC soap EastEnders will have her children removed from her by social services in an upcoming storyline.

Both of Stacey Fowler’s children will be placed into the care of their grandmother, Carmel, after a call is made to social services about bruises on Stacey’s son’s arm.

These concerns come after her son overdosed on Stacey’s bipolar medication, causing him to fall unconscious.

On last night’s (5 October) episode, Stacey’s older child, Lily, told her grandmother that bruises on her brother’s arm were caused by her mum. Social workers will appear in tonight’s episode.

EastEnders has caused controversy with its portrayal of child removal and social services before, in the Lexi storyline. The storyline included a social worker removing a baby from a teenage mother, despite apparently not having grounds to do so.

The next episode of EastEnders airs tonight (6 October) on BBC One at 8pm.

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3 Responses to Social workers to feature in EastEnders plot after child bruising call

  1. Vittoria Di Franco October 8, 2017 at 11:05 am #

    So it’s what’s known as an emergency protection order . Question is will they now portray care proceedings when adoption is planned . Family members ruled out as carers as they do not agree that the child is at risk from the mother or potential future risk and social workers blaming family for the situation will stacey be forced to attended a tax payers paid assessment by a private psychologist paid to act on behalf of the local authorities legal team as an “expert court witness ” who is involved after a non clinically qualified social worker makes diagnosis prognosis and treatment level in a parenting assessment which will obviously never meet any timescales for “change ” . Will the allegations and stress of care proceedings and prospect of permantly having her children removed with the threat of a day having to hug and kiss her children goodbye forever looming in her every waking hour cause stacey to react which will be deemed as emotionally unstable aggressive manipulative and she has a total inability to work with the social workers . Will she be attending supervised contacts watched and recorded who will pick up on the slightest negativity . Will stacey receive a phone call from a adoption agency out of the blue for her to give her views as they give her the news over the phone the local authorities permanancy plan is just that . Will they show a week of family law in a final hearing where an admitance of failings in case management but regardless the judge will proceed to find fact beyond threshold removal that indeed the picture painted of the future of the children is bleak and FUTURE risk of emotional harm is likely because as a mother as a women stacey is clearly bad and mad will they show a goodbye contact and neither stacey nor family will ever see their children again the unsupported aftermath that 6 sessions of consolation counselling the trauma for mother stacey will be eliviated ? I mean it doesn’t work like that does it ? I mean surely there is more to it ??? I think there is a sad truth and pattern to this reality that regardless of Eastenders and portrayal in a soap reality the real stories set a truth far worse in humanity in ethics in integrity .

  2. Eugene October 8, 2017 at 9:29 pm #

    I want to congratulate Eastenders for great job.Situation described happens every day all over #UK.

  3. Lisa Birchall October 8, 2017 at 10:54 pm #

    Actually, it portrays real events and perhaps now is the time for Eastenders to become a factual programme. Have to say, that when there is an issue in society there is normally a helpline at the end if anyone has been affected by the issues raised. Hope the next episode includes “inside” the Family Court!