Film about a social worker supporting deaf child to air on BBC

The Oscar-winning short film will be on BBC One at the end of the month

An Oscar-winning film about a social worker supporting a deaf child will air on BBC 1 on March 30.

The Silent Child, written and directed by former Hollyoaks actors Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton, will be shown on Good Friday at 7.40pm.

It is about a profoundly deaf child who is taught British Sign Language by a social worker.

It won the Academy Award for best live action short film at the start of the month.

The film stars six year old Maisie Sly, who is deaf, and Shenton, an advocate for raising deaf awareness.

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0 Responses to Film about a social worker supporting deaf child to air on BBC

  1. Charles Dodgson March 26, 2018 at 9:17 am #

    To be honest, I’m not at all surprised that The Silent Child won an Oscar for the best short film at the beginning of the month. I think that many have noticed that only real movies, or in films that tell about truthful and complex human destinies fall into the nomination in our time. There is a lot of logic in this, because only such stories arouse real emotions, empathy, and kindness to people who need help, are not they? 🙂 Now a lot of biographical tapes or films based on real events are being photographed. This is not strange, because the viewer is always interested in watching someone’s stories and life paths, learn new historical facts. My last films, probably 8 out of 10 were exactly like “The Silent Child”, and they show the power of the cinema 🙂