ADASS membership extended to adult principal social workers

Adult social care directors vote to extend membership to adults' PSWs following request from social worker network

ADASS president Glen Garrod speaking at NCASC 2018: @1adass

Adult principal social workers have been extended membership to the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), it has been confirmed.

During an executive meeting at this week’s ADASS Spring Seminar, directors voted to open up membership to principal social workers following a request from the Adult Principal Social Worker Network to join the association earlier this year.  The move is subject to Charity Commission approval.

Co-chair of the adults’ PSW Network Tricia Pereira announced the news via her personal Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon.

Honorary secretary of ADASS Richard Webb echoed the news yesterday on his personal Twitter account as he indicated that a similar arrangement could be offered to principal occupational therapists.

When ADASS was formed in 2007, its membership was restricted to directors of adult social services, but it extended access to assistant directors and other senior local authority managers in 2012.

‘Natural and logical’ step

In March, Community Care reported that adult PSWs had asked to become formal members of the association, in order to raise the profile of social work among senior managers.

Pereira, who was invited to speak at the ADASS Spring Seminar along with fellow PSW co-chair Beverly Latania, explained that PSWs were already involved in some of the association’s policy networks, which cover different areas of practice, such as end-of-life care, dementia and personalisation.

She said this had helped to ensure that priorities between the two organisations were “quite well aligned” and that “social work is always spoken about and considered in network meetings”.

‘Invaluable’ leadership role 

New ADASS president Julie Ogley welcomed principal social workers as members of the association:

“ADASS has been looking at its future role and how it builds on the strengths of its membership. Our annual general meeting this week has unanimously agreed proposals set out in our Next Generation review, which includes changes to how we are organised and what our priorities are.

“Principal social workers play an invaluable leadership role in changing social care practice for the better and we are delighted to welcome them as new members of the association”

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