A week of social work learning: sign up for new Community Care virtual event!

Community Care's first Festival of Learning is open for registration, with sessions on everything from what makes good supervision to tackling 'adultification bias' in working with children

Community Care Festival of Learning 'register now' call to action

Story updated with event sponsor and session details 

Practitioners can now sign up for a week of online social work learning this spring through Community Care’s inaugural Festival of Learning.

There are 20 webinars on offer at the event from 28 March to 1 April, covering everything from what makes good supervision to addressing ‘adultification bias’ in working with children and addessing problem gambling. All will provide insights and learning you can take back to your workplace to apply in day-to-day practice.

Our top array of speakers includes chief social worker for adults Lyn Romeo, Millie Kerr, the country’s only anti-racist lead practitioner, Tim Spencer-Lane, a lawyer who has led the development of some of the key recent social care legal reforms, and Luke Rodgers, director of strategy at The Care Leaders, who will be drawing on his experience of being in care.

Delegates can sign up for as many webinars as they like and can tailor their attendance according to their learning needs and work and other commitments.

Each session costs £25 + VAT, aside from the webinars delivered by our sponsors, Surrey County Council, the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and Medway Council, which are free.

Register now to secure your place.

Webinars and speakers

Webinar sessions include:

  • Developing cultural competence with those who are criminally exploited
  • The Care Act: wellbeing and human rights
  • Bringing gender and sexuality awareness and understanding into social work
  • The Mental Capacity Act: key principles and the ‘big issue’ – accommodation moves
  • Secondary trauma and social work
  • Courageous conversations
  • Living a careless life: the power of relationships for children in care
  • ‘Adultification’ bias: why racial and other stereotypes mean children are not all treated as equally vulnerable or innocent, and what this means for safeguarding practice
  • What is good supervision (and how do we know)?
  • From DoLS to the Liberty Protection Safeguards
  • Safeguarding children with disabilities: practice tips and direct work ideas
  • Meeting the cultural and religious needs of Black and minoritised children and communities
  • Improving the social work response to domestic abuse
  • What adult social care reform means for social work
  • Attachment-based trauma and parenting
  • Safeguarding people who self-neglect: what works?
  • Problem gambling and social work
  • Developments in NHS continuing healthcare
  • Dealing with loss and grief

Our confirmed speakers are:

  • Lyn Romeo chief social worker for adults, Department of Health and Social Care
  • Tim Spencer-Lane, lawyer specialising in mental capacity, mental health and social care law
  • Millie Kerr, anti-racist lead practitioner, Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Catherine Bennett, county lines pathfinder lead, Suffolk Youth Justice Service
  • Andy Butler, principal social worker (adults), Surrey County Council
  • Luke Rodgers, director of strategy, The Care Leaders
  • Jenefer Rees, principal social worker for adults, London Borough of Islington, and chair, Adult Principal Social Worker Network
  • Tricia Pereira, director of operations, Skills for Care
  • David Wilkins, senior lecturer in social work, Cardiff University and assistant director, Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre
  • Michael Preston-Shoot, professor emeritus (social work), University of Bedfordshire
  • Dr Alice Loving, independent parenting assessment and intervention practitioner and lecturer, Centre for Child Protection, University of Kent
  • Rachel Lovelady, service manager, local authority
  • Nicole Jacobs, domestic abuse commissioner for England and Wales
  • Morag Duff, independent specialist continuing healthcare consultant
  • Jim Rogers, senior lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, University of Lincoln
  • Laura Hanbury, clinician and PhD research student, Royal Holloway University
  • Jahnine Davis, co-director, Listen Up and panel member, Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel
  • Dr Jason Schaub, lecturer in social work, University of Birmingham
  • Nicholas Marsh co-director, Listen Up
  • Heidi Dix , senior social work lecturer, University of Suffolk
  • Arianna Kelly, barrister, 39 Essex Chambers
  • Marie Price, senior lecturer in social work, University of Chichester
  • Alex Greenchester, social worker, AMHP (approved mental health professional) and BIA (best interest assessor)
  • Lori Goossen, principal children and families social worker, Medway Council
  • Russ Bellenie, principal social worker (children), London Borough of Barking and Dagenham


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