‘Social work is eye-opening, bounce-out-of-bed exciting’

The Sociable Social Worker shares advice from his 30-year career, in this video letter from the Dear Future Social Worker series, part of Community Care's Choose Social Work campaign

Social worker Alasdair Kennedy
Social worker Alasdair Kennedy

In the latest video letter from the Dear Future Social Worker series, Alasdair Kennedy (aka The Sociable Social Worker) gives a snapshot of his career and what he considers key to becoming a successful social worker.

Alasdair is an interim head of service for corporate parenting, with a focus on fostering, adoption, residential and children in care. He has worked in social care for 30 years and you can find him on YouTube as the Sociable Social Worker.

Alasdair’s video is part of Community Care’s Choose Social Work campaign, which will champion the brilliant work social workers do every day, inspire the next generation of practitioners, and counteract the negative media coverage of the profession.

Read about why we’re launching this campaign, and the five steps you can take to support it.

Would you like to make your own video or write a letter to the next generation of practitioners? We’d love to hear from you – email ruth.hardy-mullings@markallengroup.com.



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