Compare your caseload to the UK average for social workers

On this page you can access Community Care’s caseload benchmarking tool, which allows social workers to compare their current caseload to the UK average in children’s and adult services or to others with a similar level of experience.

Casemarking tool

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Download Community Care’s caseload benchmarking tool for social workers

The benchmarking tool is based on data collected from 925 social workers and students through an online survey in June 2012. It is easy to use: simply download the Excel file by clicking on the link above and enter details about your caseload where prompted. You can then print or save a copy.

You might use the benchmarking tool to see how you and your colleagues compare to others across the UK or as evidence to suggest your caseload is unmanageable. It also lets you compare your working day to others, so, for example, you can check if you spend a higher-than-average amount of time on admin tasks.

Community Care has reported on the main findings from the survey
, which show half of all social workers and social work students in the UK have seen at least one colleague leave their team over the past year due to high caseloads.

If you have any feedback about the benchmarking tool or would like to know more about the data behind it, email Community Care’s workforce editor Kirsty McGregor

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