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Children in care denied mental health services because of placement ‘uncertainty’

Education committee finds ‘significant number’ of councils failed to identify mental health issues for children entering care

Panel discussion at a recent Think Ahead event

Why I’ve gone from sceptic to supporter of the Think Ahead social work scheme

April 27,2016

The programme has taken concerns seriously and worked with social workers and service users to address them, writes Martin Webber

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Government to introduce national AMHP accreditation system

April 15,2016

Department of Health review concludes national oversight and governance of AMHP services should be introduced in April 2018

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Connor Sparrowhawk, 18, died while a patient at a Southern Health learning disability unit in 2013. His family have called for the trust's chief executive and board to resign.

Southern Health leadership under fire after CQC finds ‘serious’ patient safety concerns

April 29,2016

Regulator finds NHS Trust's leadership not proactive enough in addressing risks to mental health and learning disability patients

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“There’s no way my granddaughter is going to know me as that ‘old alkie'”

April 27,2016

Loraine Radcliffe speaks to recovery worker Dan Mushens about the way alcohol dependency ‘obliterated’ her life, but how she refuses to let it define her any longer

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People with learning disabilities are biggest users of Shared Lives schemes. Posed by models. Photo: John Birdsall/REX/Shutterstock

NHS to bankroll development of Shared Lives support for adults in England

April 14,2016

NHS England to provide £1.75m to grow Shared Lives schemes, which allows adults needing support to live with or regularly visit carers

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Deprivation of liberty court cases triple but fall short of Cheshire West predictions

April 11,2016

Ministry of Justice figures reveal 1,499 deprivation of liberty cases reached Court of Protection last year, up from 525 in 2014

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‘Addiction deceives the best of us – and doggedly tests my recovery’

April 7,2016

Personal and professional struggles with addiction have underlined that it’s a cunning and elusive foe, says Jenny Molloy

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‘She deserves to live somewhere where she is happy’

April 5,2016

An independent mental health advocate reflects on a day of safeguarding, moving on issues and report writing

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Hampshire to become national coordinator of secure children’s home placements

April 4,2016

Government asks Hampshire County Council to coordinate secure placements for all local authorities from early May

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Government funds expansion of mental health social work fast-track scheme

March 30,2016

The Department of Health will provide £10.6m to extend the Think Ahead programme for a further two years

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Lack of reflective supervision hindered action in baby death case

March 21,2016

Serious case review also highlights lack of information sharing between adult and children’s services

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Review of adult neglect case calls for guidance on handling obstructive families

March 11,2016

Man waged campaign of obstruction against adult services while his father accumulated conditions that led to his death

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Justice secretary Michael Gove (L) and health secretary Jeremy Hunt (R) Picture: Steve Back/REX/Shutterstock

Judge condemns government for ducking responsibilities on deprivation of liberty

March 10,2016

'Unprecedented' ruling places responsibility on Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove to find workable solution to representation issues

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Health secretary Jeremy Hunt (Credit: Ben Cawthra/Rex Features)

Councils threaten government with legal action over deprivation of liberty funding

March 10,2016

Court judgment reveals local authorities sent 'pre-action' to health secretary Jeremy Hunt in November

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Serious case review flags ‘toxic trio’ of risks to baby who suffered injuries

March 10,2016

Review says multi-agency approach is vital in cases involving domestic abuse, mental illness and substance misuse

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Safeguarding bosses warned man died after ‘agency blindness’ left him without help

March 8,2016

Coroner presses for better health and social care cooperation after St Austell man’s death went unnoticed

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Family drug court delivers major savings by keeping families together, finds report

March 7,2016

Study estimates that public services to be £729,000 better off over five years thanks to work of London Family Drug and Alcohol Court

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Stephen Bubb called for a 'prevention revolution' in his final report on the Winterbourne View scandal last week (Credit: Richard Gardner/Rex)

Winterbourne View report ignores the elephant in the room: funding

March 4,2016

Save Autism Services Haringey’s Mary Langan casts a critical eye over Stephen Bubb’s final report on Winterbourne View

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