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‘An arts centre is a perfect base for us to offer social support for wellbeing’

The team from the Creative Alternatives project in Sefton explain a bit about their work – in pictures.

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Mental health bed pressures making AMHP role ‘untenable’, warns BASW

September 15,2014

Problems accessing hospital care for acutely unwell people leading to ‘potentially dangerous’ care, social workers warn.

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How mental health teams that are key to crisis prevention have been cut back

September 9,2014

Chief medical officer’s report highlights real-terms cuts to assertive outreach, crisis teams and early intervetion services

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Half of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards cases breaching legal timescales

October 1,2014

Experts have welcomed a Supreme Court ruling's extension of key human rights safeguards but councils are struggling to meet demand

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Picture: Emma Jane Hogbin Westby (Flickr, creative commons)

‘The simple idea that has shaken adult social care to its foundations’

October 1,2014

Six months on from a landmark Supreme Court ruling on deprivation of liberty, legal researcher Lucy Series analyses its impact

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Six ways councils are trying to combat a shortage of best interests assessors

October 1,2014

We look at strategies councils are taking to boost BIA capacity to meet a surge in deprivation of liberty cases

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The best interests assessor: ‘We need the resources to make this massively positive Dols ruling a reality’

October 1,2014

A best interests assessor gives their take on how the 'Cheshire West' ruling is impacting frontline staff

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Councils have 21 days to complete standard authorisations Picture: Jeff Blackler/Rex

A lawyer’s view on the legal risks to councils from breaching Dols case timescales

October 1,2014

Jess Flanagan, associate solicitor and mental capacity law expert, gives her view on the significance of timescale breaches

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‘The Supreme Court Dols ruling was right but an impossible workload is diluting advocacy’

October 1,2014

An independent mental capacity advocate reflects on the impact of a landmark Supreme Court ruling on deprivation of liberty in care

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'The head in the sand approach can't continue' Picture: West End 61/Rex (posed by model)

‘I don’t see any signs that the government views the Dols as a priority’

October 1,2014

A social worker involved in deprivation of liberty safeguards work shares his experiences of the six months post-Cheshire West

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'I have watched a wonderful woman worked to the point of exhaustion' Picture: pics inc/Rex features

‘My partner’s growing Dols workload is pushing her to exhaustion’

October 1,2014

One BIA shares his personal experience of the increased strain on deprivation of liberty safeguards teams

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Councils rack up £1.4m bill for independent best interests assessors in six months

October 1,2014

Experts say some councils offering £600 per assessment as a surge in deprivation of liberty cases is outstripping the BIA supply at councils

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Mental health social work fast-track scheme to recruit three programme leaders

September 29,2014

Think Ahead, the mental health social work training scheme, is advertising three new positions on its senior leadership team

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Council unlawfully deprived woman of liberty due to ignorance of Mental Capacity Act

September 26,2014

Court of Protection finds Somerset Council committed multiple human rights breaches against disabled woman unlawfully prevented from returning home

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DH eyes subsidised ‘fast-track’ BIA training for social workers to combat shortage

September 26,2014

Plans drawn up to fund training providers to offer reduced rates places on 'condensed' best interests assessor courses

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Andy Burham

Labour vows to ‘bring social care into NHS’ and boost support for carers

September 24,2014

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham outlines vision for combined health and care service

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‘Why I’m retiring from social work to fight the cuts damaging our service’

September 22,2014

Social worker Terry Skyrme explains why, after 42 years as a social worker, the time is right to step down

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The Supreme Court Picture: Alex Segre/Rex

‘We should welcome this Supreme Court ruling- it enshrines social work values in law’

September 12,2014

Mental Capacity Act lead Ian Burgess on how Calderdale Council are responding to the landmark 'Cheshire West' deprivation of liberty ruling

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Photo: Image Source/Ian Callen

Inspiring social care image captures “moment of affection”

September 10,2014

The positive relationship between support worker and service user is clear in a winning image from Community Care's photography competition

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