Call for inquiry to consider caseloads

The British Association of Social Workers has urged the Laming
inquiry into Anna Climbie’s death to consider wider issues such as
social workers’ workload.

A motion was passed at BASW’s annual meeting last week calling
on Lord Laming, the former chief inspector of social services who
will conduct the independent inquiry, to “consider the conduct of
front-line staff in the wider context of their experience and
workload and the quality of support and supervision they

BASW director Ian Johnston told Community Care: “We are
very keen when Lord Laming looks at this case later this year for
him to consider the wider context so as not to scapegoat people. We
do not think this case should result in government ministers
talking about root and branch reform of child protection

Climbie, whose real name was Adjo Victoria Climbie, died in
February 2000, aged eight, in the care of Marie Kuoao and her
partner Carl Manning.

The meeting also passed a motion demanding the government
introduce financial incentives, re-entry training and flexible
working in a bid to tackle the current recruitment crisis.

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