Regulation of care could create more problems that it solves

Whether the regulation of care and introduction of new national
standards could create more problems for independent contracted
service providers than they resolve, was an issue raised at the
annual Association of Directors of Social Work conference.

In the week that the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Bill passed
its third reading in the Scottish parliament, concerns were raised
by Annie Gunner, development coordinator with Community Care
Providers Scotland (CCPS), which represents 34 service providing
organisations, that unresolved issues may put further pressure on
the independent sector.

With the creation of a national commission, the definition and
monitoring of standards will be removed from local authorities and
separated from the main funding source.

Gunner asked: “What happens when the funding does not allow the
provider to meet the national standards? Who pays the price? How is
the situation resolved?”

The Scottish executive has agreed that the issue remain on the
agenda, but is unlikely to be taken forward until the commission
appoints a chief executive.





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